Free Tickets

Amplify Music Festival is a FREE event but registration is required. For entry, you must have your free ticket in hand or on your phone. You can register at the gate but for quick entry, please register ahead of time. 

Why Tickets?

FREE!!! So why tickets? This is a great question and one we want to explain. There are a number of logistical factors in which the number of attendees play a major factor. Attendance numbers play an important factor when booking acts, predicting economic impact, searching out sponsors, ensuring appropriate sound and visual components. There are very few free non-ticketed events the size of Amplify. Our prayer is that we are able to keep Amplify FREE.

- We are often asked, how many people attended, we hope we are able to do more than just estimate this year.

- When figuring how many food vendors we should have, how many port-a-potties, drinks to order. Law enforcement, ambulances and other emergency services to have present.

- When negotiating with booking agents while putting together our lineup...a question on every offer sheet is "what is your anticipated attendance.

- As we order festival shirts, free programs, and other merchandise

- As we look for volunteers to manage gates, prayer tents, drink stations, parking and trash pick up, etc.

- Allows us to gain information as to where our guest are traveling from, so that we can improve our communication and marketing efforts.

- These are just a few of the reasons we ask for you to register. THE FESTIVAL AND PARKING REMAIN FREE. The only charge is if you request tickets to be mailed to you. This charge is through our ticket vendor, however if you show the verification email (take a screen shot and show to the gate attendant) or print your ticket you will not be charged the three dollar (and change) charge.

- We do not intend on this process to be intrusive or inconvenient, if you are coming with family members or a group... we only ask for your name and the number of people attending with you, rather than each persons information.

- We truly hope that by collecting this information we are able to enhance your experience at Amplify.

We hope this may answer some of the questions out there and look forward to celebrating with all of you!

Let Us Exalt His Name Together